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Fuel Tank Trailer

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. What is Fuel Tank Trailer In Nigeria? 

Chapter 2. What is the Material of the Fuel Tank Trailer In Nigeria

Chapter 3. How Thick is a Fuel Tank Trailer In Nigeria?

Chapter 4. Are Fuel Tank Trailer Compartmentalised In Nigeria?

Chapter 5. What is the Length of a Fuel Tanker Trailer In Nigeria?

Chapter 1. What is Fuel Tank Trailer In Nigeria? 

Fuel tank trailers, divided into tank trucks and tank trailers, refer to a trailer designed to carry liquid or gas on the road. They can transport the same liquid and fuel. Fuel tank trucks are mainly used for short distances Transportation, and each time the liquid is relatively small, the maximum is not more than 30,000 liters. Fuel tank trailers are specially designed for safe shipping of various liquids which might include hazardous products like LPG gas or petroleum fuel in bulk quantities.

These fuel tank trailers in Nigeria can be equipped with additional equipment to make the process of transporting products much easier and safer. Generally, there will be more liquids loaded, generally, between 30-60KL, the transportation unit Use gallons or liters to calculate. 

Fuel tank trailers, as they are commonly called, are vehicles with large tankers used for transporting liquids and dry bulk products in various industries such as oil, construction, farming, etc. all around the world. For instance, a tank trailer can be equipped with a pumping system for safer and faster loading and off-loading of liquids.

CIMC Fuel Tank Trailer | 40000L/Liters Tanker Trailer for Sale In Nigeria

Chapter 2. What is the Material of the Fuel Tank Trailer In Nigeria

Different material choices for fuel tank trailers will yield different results in terms of tank size and the capacity of each tanker. Unlike heavier structures, lightweight structures provide room for more fuel carrying capacity.

Two common materials used in building Fuel tank trailers are aluminum and steel. The most significant feature difference between the two has to do with the weighting factor. Ideally, steel is heavier than aluminum, so the same size of Fuel tank trailers of these different materials will result in different load-carrying capacities.

Different liquids have different requirements, so the materials used to build gasoline, diesel and edible oil tankers will vary. Different liquids have different chemical and physical properties, which largely determine the choice of tank trailer.

Petrol and Diesel. Fuel tank trailer in Nigeria used to transport gasoline and diesel are usually made of carbon steel. A carbon steel fuel tank trailer is a low-cost construction and, most importantly, easy to machine. You can also choose from stainless steel and aluminum fuel tank trailer. However, both options can be costly.

Edible oil. This is usually transported in an aluminum fuel tank trailer as it avoids contaminating the liquid. Aluminum fuel tank trailer also have great advantages in cleanup. Likewise, the body is completely encapsulated with insulating material, helping to minimize heat loss. What's more, it's a lightweight structure that provides effective volumetric capacity, unlike steel trailer structures that tend to be a bit heavy.

CIMC Fuel Tank Trailer | 40000L/Liters Tanker Trailer for Sale In Nigeria

Steel fuel tank trailer trucks of comparable size to an aluminum structure will be heavier and therefore provide less space for fuel. Due to size and density, steel tends to add weight to the structure of fuel tank trailers. Steel tanker trucks are more economical and stronger in structure than aluminum tanker trucks.

The commonly used steel for fuel tank trailers in Nigeria is 4-6mm Q235 steel. Q234 steel has stronger toughness and higher elongation but is less brittle.

Compared to an aluminum tanker of the same size, a steel tanker will be heavier with zero fuel weight. This means that the loaded fuel will be different in the two cases for similar structures, while the steel option offers less volumetric capacity.

In fact, it is not just the carrying capacity that is affected. A reduction in the overall weight of fuel tank trailers results in a reduction in transportation costs, as consumption rates are also reduced.

CIMC Fuel Tank Trailer | 40000L/Liters Tanker Trailer for Sale In Nigeria

As a result, adjustments can be made to replace more fuel required by steel tankers with load weight, thereby increasing transport efficiency.

Fuel tank trailer companies have been looking for ways to enhance efficiency in fuel transportation especially with the development of lighter components.

In an effort to realize this, Aluminum is one of the basic materials that have been used. Although this is a perfect weight reduction approach, many manufacturing companies have shelved the opportunity owing to an increased production cost.

While the initial production aluminum fuel tank trailer in Nigeria may be high, it offers a longer-term service than their steel counterparts because Aluminum does not corrode easily as steel would.

This is an added advantage on top of the ability to enhance the carrying capacity of fuel. Aluminum is lighter in weight compared to any other material used in the construction of fuel tankers.

Chapter 3. How Thick is a Fuel Tank Trailer In Nigeria?

Whether it is a steel fuel tanker or aluminum, When it comes to the amount of fuel to be transported, the thickness of the fuel tank trailer is the next factor to consider. If you want to transport big amount of fuel, then remember that fuel tanks with a large capacity need thicker material plates to work under pressure and most importantly, keep the fuel tank trailer safer.

More fuel exerts more pressure and therefore, you need to compensate that with the right wall thickness of your fuel tanker. This is especially in the event of an accident occurring on the large capacity tank.

Fuel tank trailer uses Q235 low carbon alloy steel to make the tanker, the thickness of the tank is 5mm thick, which is very strong. Fuel tank trailer thickness is typically around 0.195 inches. These are ISO-compliant dimensions. Equipped with a thickened wave-proof board to reduce the impact force of the liquid on the tank.

A fuel tank trailer height: 1450-1800mm, 4.7-5.9 feet. A typical oil tanker semi-trailer has a length of 42.64 feet, a width of 8.2 feet and a depth of 12.14 feet. 

Fuel tankers trucks trailer typically have a length of 40.51 feet, a width of 8.20 feet and a depth of 12.30 feet. These tanker trucks typically have a tank volume between 24000 Liters-60000 Liters. These dimensions are also ISO-compliant. 

CIMC Fuel Tank Trailer | 40000L/Liters Tanker Trailer for Sale In Nigeria

Chapter 4. Are Fuel Tank Trailer Compartmentalised In Nigeria?

The capacity of Fuel tank trailers determines the maximum number of compartments and the maximum capacity of each compartment. The function of the tanker baffle is to control the surging of the liquid during transportation. They are usually welded inside the tank and can fail or fail over a period of time. Liquid surges can pose a very serious hazard when the baffle is damaged or fails.

So the size of Fuel tank trailers definitely depends on the number of compartments on the tanker. Each baffle should be accessible through a manhole for inspection and maintenance work. Large tank compartments (usually over 2.5 meters) should be equipped with baffles.

The distance between bulkheads and baffles should not exceed 2.5 m. If multiple baffles are required to meet the 2.5m spacing requirement, the surface area of the baffles should not be less than 70% of the maximum cross-sectional area.

This means that the final capacity of fuel tank trailers in Nigeria will determine which additional components are added. Therefore, it is important to know how much fuel your fuel tank trailers of choice will transport.

CIMC Fuel Tank Trailer | 40000L/Liters Tanker Trailer for Sale In Nigeria

Regardless of the total capacity of the Fuel tank trailers in Nigeria, there will be compartments in each Fuel tank trailer to enhance fuel transport from one destination to another.

It is also important to note that these compartments often have different volumetric capacities to store and transport different types and compositions of fuel. Ideally, Fuel tank trailers are made from an elongated chassis frame and an elongated horizontal fuel storage tank, which is usually divided internally.

The average capacity of most Fuel tank trailers varies from 35 cubic meters to 50 cubic meters. The final capacity of the Fuel tank trailers is largely determined by the design and construction of each tanker.

Fuel tank trailers are typically loaded on the bottom by loading only or through a loading/unloading coupler or adapter located below center and in the center direction, longitudinally in the direction of the fuel tank trailers landing gear.

The key determinants of how much fuel tank trailers can hold in terms of fuel capacity are the materials used in their construction, the design of the structure, the thickness of the tanker walls, the built-in compartments, and the frame the tanker rests on. All of these factors affect the ultimate fuel tank trailers' performance weight, which affects the size and capacity of the fuel transported through them.

Chapter 5. What is the Length of a Fuel Tanker Trailer In Nigeria?

The length of the fuel tank trailer is between 11000mm and 15000mm, and the life of the fuel tank trailer is about 6 years, so it needs to be replaced. If the maintenance is better, it can be used for a longer time. Fuel tank trailers come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. While there are many sizes, some adhere to standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which supplies typical tanker sizes that are considered safe. We provide various fuel tank trailers for sale. According to your different use, we can provide you with suggestions based on your different user needs.

According to clients' requirements, we can customize different volumes and compartments. Fuel tank trailer in Nigeria size can be designed as 2 compartment, 3 compartments, 4 compartment etc and fuel tanker truck dimensions and size is optional.

Our oil fuel tank trailer price is really good with high quality ensured. Tank trailer fuel tank size, volume and compartment optional

CIMC Fuel Tank Trailer | 40000L/Liters Tanker Trailer for Sale In Nigeria

Fuel Tank Trailers Wave Board

Fuel tank trailers wave board is an important part of the design of liquid tank truck trailers. Whether it is fuel tank trailers, or sprinklers, or chemical liquid transport tanker trailers, its internal area is provided with an anti-wave board. 

The main role of fuel tank trailers wave board is to reduce the fluctuation and impact of the liquid inside the oil tanker trailer, improve the stability of fuel tank trailers driving. When the fuel tank trailers shipping medium viscosity is small, and the amount of filling is 20% ~ 80% of the total, the fuel tank trailers must be installed inside the anti-wave board. 

In order to have a good anti-wave effect, it is generally recommended that the volume between two anti-wave plates is not more than 7.5m3, or the spacing is not more than 1750mm, the effective area of the anti-wave plate should be greater than 40% of the cross-sectional area of the fuel tanker trailer, and the ventilation area of the upper anti-wave plate is less than 20% of the cross-sectional area of the tank.

Fuel tank trailers wave board in the design should also consider the convenience of operation or maintenance personnel. The baffle can be welded directly to the inside of the fuel tank trailers, or it can be disassembled.CIMC fuel tank trailers is fixed with a welded wave board. At the same time, the fuel tank trailers compartment board and anti wave board can also be regarded as the tank strengthening parts, when the anti-wave board as strengthening parts, its thickness should not be in the partial thickness, the effective area of the anti wave board is at least 70% of the cross-sectional area of the fuel tank trailers.

CIMC Fuel Tank Trailer | 40000L/Liters Tanker Trailer for Sale In Nigeria



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