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CIMC Semi Trailers - Global Operation

CIMC Vehicles Co.,Ltd is a leading chinese demi trailer exporter. We professional trading firm, specializing in providing international markets with a variety of cimc semi trailer .

With a rich experience of many years, we have acquired the requisite expertise and excellence in our domain.We have an annual sales volume of ten million dollars business, containing 600-700 units CIMC semi trailers.

  Flatbed Trailer   Container Chassis Trailer   Low Bed Truck   Side Wall Trailer  
  Flatbed Trailer   Container Chassis   Low Bed Truck   Side Wall Trailer  
  Fuel Tanker Trailer   Cement Tanker Trailer   Tipper Semi Trailer   Fence Semi Trailer  
  Fuel Tanker Trailer   Cement Tanker Trailer   Tipper Semi Trailer   Fence Semi Trailer  

Main Products

CIMC 40ft Flatbed Trailer
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CIMC Container Skeleton Trailer for Sale
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CIMC 80 Ton Fence Semi Trailer
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CIMC Drop Side Trailer
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CIMC Fuel Tanker Trailer for Sale
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CIMC 45000 Liters Aluminum Tanker for Sale
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CIMC End Dump Trailer for Sale
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80 Ton Low Bed Trailer Truck
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