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CIMC Container Chassis

CIMC Container moving trailer is used to transport containers, and container chassis trailers have different shapes and sizes. CIMC skeletal trailer can be customized to 20/40/45/53 feet.
CIMC shipping container trailer is a special trailer used to transport ocean containers over the road. 40 foot container chassis trailer can usually transport 1×40ft or 2×20ft container.
The skeleton semi trailer usually transports 1×40ft or 2×20ft containers.The loading capacity of skeletal trailers ranges from 40 tons - 60 tons.
CIMC 2 axle 40ft container chassis trailers can take containers with dimensions of 20ft or 40ft. The loading capacity for skeletal trailers ranges from 40 tons - 60 tons.
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Christ Silas Diabagate from Uganda - 2021-12-24T16:12:14+0800
Very good container chassis trailer, very good seller, arrive before the expected and satisfied, we are going to start the jobs.