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50 Tons Rear Dump Semi Trailer
50 Tons Rear Dump Semi Trailer

50 Tons Rear Dump Semi Trailer

Capacity: 50 tons

Model: dump tipper semi trailer

Axle: 4 axle

Hydraulic system: HYVA cylinder 

CIMC 50 tons rear dump semi trailer description

CIMC Rear dump semi trailer adopt high strength steel to make it durable when load the sand or small stones or rocks. And the loading capacity are 40t, 60t, 80t. Semi Tippers trailer equipped with reliable hydraulic HYVA cylinder. We can customize the tipper trailers according to your special need, like U shape dump tipping trailer, end dump, side tipper, and container tippers including skeleton and flatbeds trailers. We use well-known brand axles, FUWA, BPW.

Dump semi-trailers can be divided into two categories according to their uses: one is heavy-duty and heavy-duty dump trailers for off-highway transportation, which mainly undertake large-scale mining, engineering and other transport tasks, usually used with excavators.

Another kind of light, medium and medium-sized ordinary self-unloading trailers used in highway transportation mainly undertake the transportation of loose goods such as sand, clay, coal and so on, usually used in conjunction with loaders.

rear dump semi trailer

4 axles tipper trailer for sale

hydraulic tipper trailer


capacity: 50t

Model: rear dump semi trailer

Axle: 4 axle ,optional

Hydraulic system: HYVA cylinder

Suspension: Mechanical suspension

Kingpin: 50#, 90#

Landing gear: Jost

Braking system: WABCO

Tire: 12.R22.5*12,optional