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Acid Tanker usually used to transport and transport various chemical liquids.Chemical Tanker For Sale have competitive price for you.
CIMC Main products is CIMC ,CIMC aluminum tanker trailer, CIMC aluminum fuel tanker, cimc trailer manufacturer, cimc aluminum semi trailer, cimc fuel tanker trailer , cimc vehicles , cimc vehicle
CIMC vehicles group was founded in 1987. Main products are CIMC, CIMC Petrol tanker, CIMC petrol tanker for sale, cimc Petroleum tanker trailer manufacturer, cimc petroleum trailer for sale, cimc vehicles, cimc vehicle.
CIMC U shape tipper trailer are equipped with HYVA cylinder, which is more reliable and more safety, all key parts of dump trailer are from famous brands boty at home and aboard
CIMC main products is Platform Semi Trailer , 3 Axle Platform Semi Trailer , Platform Semi Trailer for Sale , 3 Axle Platform Semi Trailer for Sale in Cote d'Ivoire.
CIMC flatbed tri axle trailer can load 20 and 40ft containers, we have 2 axles flatbed semi trailer, tri axle trailer, 4 axle flatbed trailer
CIMC provides pneumatic bulk tanker , 60t pneumatic bulk tanker trailer , bulk tanker trailer, custom powder cement transporting plans, solutions and ideas from 2021 best semi trailer manufacturer - CIMC.



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