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China 50 Ton Low Bed Trailer for Sale in Ghana , CIMC 50 Ton Low Bed Trailer for Sale have different capacities, such as 20 tons, 30 tons, 50 tons, 70 tons, 80 tons and 100 tons, 120 tons.
CIMC mainly provides different types of Diesel tank trailer for the transport of fuel, diesel, water and any other liquid materials, one of which is the type of diesel fuel trailer for sale .
CIMC Main products are CIMC, CIMC aluminum tanker trailer, CIMC fuel tanker trailer of aluminum, cimc trailer manufacturer, cimc aluminum semi trailer, cimc fuel tanker trailer
CIMC affordable 3 Axle Fence Semi Trailer for Sale in Nigeria , 3 Axle Fence Semi Trailer , Fence Semi Trailer for Sale in Nigeria.
CIMC manufacturer provided different types of 3 axle cement tanker trailer , 38cbm cement tank trailer for sale , cimc bulk cement tanker trailer, with 35/38/40/45/50/55cbm parameters pneumatic tanker trailers.

CIMC Vehicles (Group) Co., Ltd ("CIMC Vehicle" Stock Code: 1839) . began to manufacture and sell semi-trailers in 2002, and have been the world's largest semi-trailer manufacturer in terms of total sales volume for consecutive since 2013.

CIMC primarily engage in the manufacture and sale of semi-trailers and truck bodies for specialty vehicles. CIMC semi-trailer product lines mainly include chassis and flatbed trailers, fence trailers, low bed trailers, tanker trailers, refrigerated trailers and van trailers.

ChinaCIMC is a leading Chinese Semi trailer exporter. Chinacimc.com is a professional trading firm, specializing in providing international markets with a variety of CIMC SEMI TRAILER.


CIMC Vehicles Group Co.,Ltd - CIMC Trailers for Sale


With a rich experience of 13 years, we have acquired the requisite expertise and excellence in our domain.We have an annual sales volume of ten million dollars business, containing 600-700 units CIMC semi trailers.

Having scaled phenomenal heights of success, today we stand tall amidst a number of competitors across the world. A well coordinated and expertly managed operation system and professional international sales team enable us to turn orders into final products and export them to approximately 60countries and several regions across the globe.


CIMC Vehicles Group Co.,Ltd - CIMC Trailers for Sale


As a CIMC semi trailer supplier, cimc trailers is positioned strategically in the global market .

And the products are mailnly exported to Nigeria , Kenya , Ghana , Congo , Angola , Senegal , Mali , Algeria , Zambia , Zimbabwe , Ethiopia , Djibouti , Sudan , Vietma , Malaysia , Thailand , Bangladesh , Philippines ,  and other overseas market.

Large R&D team, Strict quality control, Professional service - Our comany is your best choice of long-term partner!

CIMC Vehicles Group Co.,Ltd - CIMC Trailers for Sale



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