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CIMC Tipping chassis semi trailer
CIMC Tipping chassis semi trailer

CIMC Tipping chassis semi trailer

Load capacity:30t


Landing gear: JOST


King Pin: JOST 2.00 or 3.5-inch bolt-in kingpin or Welding type

CIMC Tipping chassis semi trailer for sale

CIMC produces Tipping Flatbed Trailer for standard 20ft 40ft Containers. Container Tipping trailer are commonly available in 20ft or 40ft, which is suitable for standard 20ft or 40ft container,Customers can decide on suitable Tipping Angle, Tipping Speed and Carrying Capacity, Whether it be for on-road or off-road applications.

Tipping chassis semi traile


Tipping chassis semi traile


Specification of tipping chassis semi trailer

capacity: 20ft container tipper chassis, etc.

Model: container tipper chassis -model

Axle: 3 axle ,Fuwa axle

Hydraulic system: HYVA cylinder

Suspension: Mechanical suspension

Kingpin: 3.5' bolt- in king pin 90

Landing gear: Jost

Braking system: WABCO

Tire: 12.R22.5*12,optional


Customized of Tipping chassis Trailer

1) For different color

2) shape U type / Square type/container flatbed dump

3) capacity 30 ton - 100 ton

4) Single action or Linkage landing leg

5) Mechanical suspension or air suspension

6) Any type of container tipper trailer