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3 Axle 40 Foot Trailer Flatbed

3 Axle 40 Foot Trailer Flatbed

10800 USD

Trailer: CIMC container flatbed 40 foot trailer for sale

Load capacity: 40ton to 60ton

Working platform length: 40ft

Application: Carry 20ft or 40ft container

Advantage: Customized produce

SKU: 3 Axle 40 Foot Trailer Flatbed
GTIN: 6975766104658
MPN: ZJV9501085
Brand: CIMC

Product Description:

CIMC 3 axle 40 foot flatbed trailer can transport up to 60 tons of commercial and industrial cargo on roads of any category.

Raw material resource of CIMC guarantees quality, excellent processing equipment and fixture ensure product quality accuracy. All parts use the products of foreign and domestic famous producers,are purchased, inspected and used strictly according to the requirements of quality system documents, and ensure good performance of 40 foot trailer for sale.



1. This 40 foot trailer adopt premium steel material, advanced technology and strict production to our flatbed trailer.

2. CIMC trailer use the 13 ton axle but the 16 ton 220 mm width brake pads which can improve the brake performance 20 %.

3. CIMC trailer use polyurethane paint, it has a strong adhesion, long-term use of non-fading, effective protection of the body against rust, prevent acid and alkali corrosion, extend the life of the vehicle.

4. Hight Quality container locks, make sure the stable and safety of the loads.

5. 40 foot flatbed trailer can be tailor made to suit individual needs.



Overall(L*W*H): 12500*2500*1530mm

Payload: 40-60 tons

Container lock: 12 pcs

Axles: 3 axles, Fuwa/BPW /CIMC or other Chinese famous brand

Tire: 12 units

Brake system: WABCO brake system with dual brake chambers and emergency brake valve

Suspension: Mechanical/ airbag/ bogie suspension

King Pin: JOST brand 2.0 or 3.5 inch (bolted or welded)

Landing Gear: JOST brand

Accessories: Tool box, spare tire carrier




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