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CIMC 80T Dry Grain Goods Carrier Trailer

CIMC 80T Dry Grain Goods Carrier Trailer

11000 USD

Max payload: 45 - 100 Tons

King pin: JOST 2.0 inch (50mm)/3.5 inch (90mm)

Axle: FUWA or BPW brand

Loading capacity: 30T~80T according to your requestment

SKU: CIMC 80T Dry Grain Goods Carrier Trailer
GTIN: 6975766105457
MPN: ZJV9503079
Brand: CIMC

CIMC 80T Dry Grain Goods Carrier Trailer-CIMC Manufacturer


Grain trailer could be used to carry the bagged grain, cement, steel or other kinds of bulk goods. Suitable for the mid/long distance transportation of the mid/heavy duty and bulk cargo.

This platform semi trailer is widely used in the logistics. Dropside trailer developed on the basis of a container flatbed trailer, the grain trailer has a side wall structure design.

CIMC 80T Dry Grain Goods Carrier Trailer

dry goods carrier trailer

CIMC 80T Dry Grain Goods Carrier Trailer

flatbed trailer with long side wall


Specification of Side Wall Semi Trailer:

Dimension: 12500mm*2500mm*2350mm(800mm sidewall)
Payload: 40-80ton
Container lock: 12 pcs
Axles: 3 axles, Fuwa/BPW /CIMC or other Chinese famous brand
Tire: 12 units
Brake system:  WABCO brake system with dual brake chambers and emergency brake valve
Suspension: Mechanical / airbag / bogie suspension
King Pin: JOST brand 2.0 or 3.5 inch (bolted or welded)
Landing Gear:  JOST brand
Accessories: Tool box , spare tire carrier


Details of dry goods carrier trailer:

1.Traction king pin:The traction pin is an important component that connects the high side trailer to the tractor and withstands traction, and is connected to the traction seat. It is generally forged from chrome-alloyed steel.
2.High side wall:The side wall is divided into a flat plate and a vertical corrugated board. The vertical corrugated board is a typical board, and the strength will be higher. Can be detached or welded to death.
3.Sidewall semi trailer frame:The frame is a space frame type low alloy steel welded structure. The frame is welded by two T-shaped longitudinal beams and beams to support the load. There are a traction pin and a traction pin plate connected to the tractor under the front of the frame.
4.Protection device:Trailer protection device consists of side protection and rear protection to protect pedestrians and other vehicles from getting under the side panel cargo semi trailer. It can also reduce wind resistance and save fuel.



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