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CIMC 4 Axle 100 Ton Lowboy Trailer

CIMC 4 Axle 100 Ton Lowboy Trailer

28000 USD

Product: CIMC detachable gooseneck trailer
Load capacity: 100 tons
Axles: 4 axles
Dimension: Customized 
Application: to carry crane, excavator, crawler loader or other machinery

SKU: CIMC 4 Axle 100 Ton Lowboy Trailer
GTIN: 6975766103866
MPN: ZJV9509004
Brand: CIMC

Product Description:

CIMC 4 axle lowboy trailer has a large carrying capacity and can load up to 100 tons of machinery or cargo.

Detachable gooseneck trailer can separate the gooseneck from the trailer, and achieve contact between the front end of the vehicle and the ground. After the cargo or equipment is loaded, the lowboy trailer is restored to the original transportation state in time for transportation.

Loading method for detachable gooseneck trailer: cargo is loaded from the front. Detachable gooseneck cargo table is very low, so the stability and security are very good.



Dimension(L*W*H): 17000*3000*2500mm ( Details will be according to the drawing)

Loading capacity: 100 ton lowboy trailer

Axle: 4 axles, FUWA/BPW/CIMC/other

Tire: 16 pcs

Frame Material: HG60 high strength steel, Main beam height: 550mm

Working platform: 7600mm

Platform height: 800mm

Floorplate: 5mm, diamond plate

Suspension: spring suspension, air suspension, bogie suspension

Braking system: WEBCO

King Pin: 2" 50# or 3.5" 90#

Electric System: 24V, LED light

Color: white, blue, yellow, green, red, color optional


Advantages of 4 axle lowboy trailer:

1. Lowboy semi trailer main beam height is 550-580mm. The front/down plate width is 220mm, and thickness is 22mm. That durable and stronger construction ensure the loading capacity, and also improve its capacity to twisting forces, shock, bump, and meet load requirements on bad road condition.

2.Side beam adopt “H” steel, height is 300mm, width is 140mm, and its thickness is 8/6/8mm. The durable design avoid the side beam to have the deformation.

3.Side support’s thickness is 6mm, the distance of the side support is only 450mm. The side support firmly connect the main beam and side beam to improve the whole vehicle’s loading capacity, prevent the working platform to have cave the deformation.



TOUKAM from Gabon - 2021-12-23T17:12:53+0800
CIMC 4 axle 100 ton lowboy trailer is really cost-effective and I can recommend it to everyone. Also thanks to the staff who has helped me with the details and gave me the very helpful intros!