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CIMC 3 Axle Bitumen Tanker Trailer for Sale
CIMC 3 Axle Bitumen Tanker Trailer for Sale

CIMC 3 Axle Bitumen Tanker Trailer for Sale

Brand: CIMC 3 Axle Bitumen Tanks for Sale

Axle capacity: 13ton 16ton 20ton 25ton capacity

Axle: 3 Axles

Certification: ce ccc bv certification

Compartment: 1 3 5 compartments as the customer requirements


Product Description:

CIMC tanker trailer for sale is used to transport bitumen etc heavy oil materials. Customized service: 2 axles or 3 axles, 20cbm to 60cbm tank volume, spring/air/bogie suspension for your needs.

A lot goes in the insulating properties of the Bitumen Tanker Trailer to enable the transport of the product at the desired temperature. it is very important for you to understand what makes a Bitumen Tanker Trailer unique for transporting the type of product it does.

There are a number of considerations to make when transporting asphalt.This is to make sure that the desired characteristics of the cargo are maintained throughout the transportation right from the production center to the desired destination.

bitumen tanker

CIMC tanker trailer for sale

bitumen tanker

CIMC 3 Axle Bitumen Tanker Trailer for Sale



Overall dimension: 11500mm * 2500mm *3700mm


Tank Capacity: 38000 liters

Bottom valve: Aluminum API pneumatic bottom valve

Axles:2/3 axles

Suspension:Heavy duty mechanical suspension

Tire:8/12 units

Discharging Pipe: 4'' rubber pipe, 6m/piece, 2 pieces

King pin:2/3.5 inch

Landing gear:JOST

Brake system: 2 line pneumatic brake system

Electrical system: Chinese standard 24V; 7 ways receptacle; LED lamps


Main features of bitumen tanker trailer

1>Advanced fuel heating system, so that the heavy fuel oil can be discharged without difficulties.

2>Reinforced ladder for cleaning and repairing oil tanker.

3>strengthened main beam structure

4>Light tare weight that provides great payload...better return on investment

5>Installed valve protection box, in order to prevent the leakage of transport medium from causing environment pollution and personal injuries


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