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CIMC 42000 Liters Aluminium Tank Trailer
CIMC 42000 Liters Aluminium Tank Trailer

CIMC 42000 Liters Aluminium Tank Trailer

Brand:CIMC aluminum tank trailer
Dimensions:11500 mm(Length) x 2500 mm(Length) x3700mm(Height)
Tank Capacity:42,000 liters
Tank Material:Aluminum alloy
Compartments:1 to 7 compartments, based on customer needs

Product Description:

CIMC focus on tank trailer ,is the earliest carbon steel tank trailer producer and the first qualified aluminum ally tank trailer producer in Shandong province , the leading products of which include Wanshida aluminum alloy tank trailer ,stainless steel tank trailer ,carbon steel tank trailer and powder tank trailer.

Aluminum alloy liquid tank trailer

- The tank is welded by TIG welder ,the qualified radiographic inspection rate of which is 100%

- The dash board of head is of expansion structure ,high strength and the thickness of plate can meet international standard

- The loading and unloading system is designed according to European standard ,beng safe ,environmental friendly

- The cross section of tank is international standard small circle arc so that the stress of tank is more uniform and stronger

- The tank which is of gooseneck structure is low in center of gravity and excellent in stability

- The ladder an roof walkway are designed for skid resistance .

- The back protection material is high-strength steel ,the distance of which is large to prevent from drilling and collision in order to improve safety of vehicle



Dimension: 11500mm*2500mm*3700mm(the exact size depends on the final design)

Volume: 42000liters

Application:  transport Fuel, Oil, Diesel

Tank body: 

Material: Aluminum alloy

Tank body and separate compartment plate:  6mm

Compartments: Optional

Manhole cover: Aluminum alloy API manhole cover 500mm (diameter)

Discharge valve: Diameter is 3 or 4 inch

Bottom valve: Aluminum  API Pneumatic Bottom Valve

Tanker body test: Hydrostatic test to 5 psi (35 Kpa) on each compartment


Axles: 3 units, FUWA/BPW/CIMC/other

Landing Gear: JOST brand

King Pin: JOST brand 2.0 or 3.5inch(bolted or welded type)

Suspension: Mechanical suspension or air suspension

Brake System: WABCO

Tire: 12.00R22.5/315.80R22.5/11.00R20/12.00R20 brand can be optional



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