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CIMC 45000 Liters Aluminum Alloy Tanker Trailer
CIMC 45000 Liters Aluminum Alloy Tanker Trailer

CIMC 45000 Liters Aluminum Alloy Tanker Trailer

Brand:CIMC Aluminum alloy liquid tank trailer
Dimensions:11800 mm(Length) x 2500 mm(Length) x3800mm(Height)
Tank Capacity:45,000 liters
Tank Material:Aluminum alloy
Compartments:1 to 7 compartments, based on customer needs

3 axles Aluminum alloy fuel tanker trailers crude oil tank trailer for sale

CIMC focus on tank trailer ,is the earliest carbon steel tank trailer producer and the first qualified aluminum ally tank trailer producer in Shandong province , the leading products of which include Wanshida aluminum alloy tank trailer ,stainless steel tank trailer ,carbon steel tank trailer and powder tank trailer


Aluminum alloy liquid tank trailer

- The tank is welded by TIG welder ,the qualified radiographic inspection rate of which is 100%

- The dash board of head is of expansion structure ,high strength and the thickness of plate can meet international standard

- The loading and unloading system is designed according to European standard ,beng safe ,environmental friendly

- The cross section of tank is international standard small circle arc so that the stress of tank is more uniform and stronger

- The tank which is of gooseneck structure is low in center of gravity and excellent in stability

- The heel protection facility is installed on top of tank to improve safety of vehicle

- The ladder an roof walkway are designed for skid resistance .

- The back protection material is high-strength steel ,the distance of which is large to prevent from drilling and collision in order to improve -safety of vehicle



Dimension: 11800mm*2500mm*3800mm(the exact size depends on the final design)

Volume: 45000liters

Application:  transport Fuel, Oil, Diesel

Tank body: 

Material: Aluminum alloy

Tank body and separate compartment plate:  6mm

Compartments: Optional

Manhole cover: Aluminum alloy API manhole cover 500mm (diameter)

Discharge valve: Diameter is 3 or 4 inch

Bottom valve: Aluminum  API Pneumatic Bottom Valve

Tanker body test: Hydrostatic test to 5 psi (35 Kpa) on each compartment


Axles: 3 units, FUWA/BPW/CIMC/other

Landing Gear: JOST brand

King Pin: JOST brand 2.0 or 3.5inch(bolted or welded type)

Suspension: Mechanical suspension or air suspension

Brake System: WABCO

Tire: 12.00R22.5/315.80R22.5/11.00R20/12.00R20 brand can be optional