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80 Ton Dump Trailer

80 Ton Dump Trailer

18500 USD

Capacity:22 cubic tipping trailer

Model: 80 Ton Dump Trailer

Axle : 3 axle ,fuwa axle

Hydraulic system: Hydraulic cylinder

Suspension: Mechanical suspension

SKU: 80 Ton Dump Trailer
GTIN: 6975766102401
MPN: ZJV9505001
Brand: CIMC

80 Ton Dump Trailer description

CIMC 80 Ton Dump Trailer can be divided into two categories according to their uses: one is heavy-duty and heavy-duty dump trailers for off-highway transportation, which mainly undertake large-scale mining, engineering and other transport tasks, usually used with excavators.

Another kind of light, medium and medium-sized ordinary self-unloading trailers used in highway transportation mainly undertake the transportation of loose goods such as sand, clay, coal and so on, usually used in conjunction with loaders. CIMC company can supply U-trailers for lightweight cargo, please see the pictures below.

CIMC provides you with the accurate design for dump semi-trailers to meet your needs - from lightweight to heavy tipping trailers for heavy construction work in extreme demand.

80 Ton Dump Trailer for Sale In Tanzania Dar es salaam

80 Ton Dump Trailer for Sale In Tanzania Dar es salaam

Tri Axle Dump Trailer for Sale Price

Tri Axle Dump Trailer for Sale Price



Model: U80 Ton Dump Trailer

capacity: 80t 

Axle: 3 axle ,Fuwa axle

Hydraulic system: Hydraulic cylinder

Suspension: Mechanical suspension

Kingpin: 50#, 90

Landing gear: Jost

Braking system: WABCO

Tire: 12.R22.5*12



Steven pora from Rwanda - 2021-12-17T16:12:46+0800
I have been using the side tipper trailer for a year. Very efficient loading and unloading of bulk cargo. Moreover, the girders are strong and flexible, and there has been no rollover phenomenon.