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60Ton Low Bed Trailer

60Ton Low Bed Trailer

13800 USD

Brand: CIMC 50 Ton Lowbed Truck for Sale 

Axle: 3*16 tons

Application: to carry heavy duty machinery

Payload: 50 tons

SKU: 60Ton Low Bed Trailer
GTIN: 6975766102944
MPN: ZJV9502043
Brand: CIMC

Product Description:

CIMC is a supplier specializing in the production of low bed trailers. It has the professional technical team and many years of production experience. China 60Ton Low Bed Trailer is well received by a wide range of customers, among which the China 60Ton Low Bed Trailer is one of CIMC's specialty products, and it has a mature production line.

CIMC 60Ton Low Bed Trailer is the economic and flexible solution for numerous different tasks in heavy duty or special transportation.

China 60Ton Low Bed Trailer Price in Senegal

China 60Ton Low Bed Trailer Price in Senegal



Brand: CIMC 60Ton Low Bed Trailer

Dimension(mm): 13000*3000*3400mm

Loading capacity(T): 60-80T

Axle: 4 axle,13T/16T, FUWA / BPW / CIMC/Other Brand

Tire: 8.25R20/10.00R20/11.00R20/12.00R20

Suspension: Mechanical suspension or air suspension 

Kingpin: 50(2inch)#or 90(3.5inch)# bolted type

Landing gear: JOST brand

Brake system: WABCO

Light:LED light 

Electrical System: 24-volt lighting system




PAMBA from Tanzania - 2021-12-29T15:12:16+0800
I mainly transport excavator. This is why 60ton low bed trailer was purchased. I have been using the low bed trailer for a while, and this trailer is very strong and durable. My friend said that he would also like to buy one.