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3 Axle 40Ft Flatbed Semi Trailer
3 Axle 40Ft Flatbed Semi Trailer

3 Axle 40Ft Flatbed Semi Trailer

Overall L*W*H:12,500×2,500×1,530 mm

Payload:40-60 tons

Landing gear: JOST 

Kingpin:50(2inch)#or 90(3.5inch)# bolted type

Suspension: Mechanical

Product Description

Container chassis trailers are designed for maritime container and sea freight transport tasks and combine both safe and rapid container handling. CIMC shipping container trailer possesses a long service life even under the tough conditions which a semi-trailer container chassis has to face on a daily basis.

Most industries use large containers to transport finished products, so container trailers are required. Containers are still one of the safest ways to transport fragile and sensitive goods.

40Ft Flatbed Semo Trailer For Sale

40Ft Flatbed Semi Trailer For Sale

Container Semi Trailer



1. The shipping container trailer is welded by the longitudinal beam, the beam and the front and rear beams. The longitudinal beam is made of high quality steel plate 16Mn submerged arc welded into an I-shape (main size is 450, 500). The beam is punched into a trough type with high quality steel plate, front and rear ends. The beam is a welded rectangular section. An integral long beam is arranged at the intermediate container locking device to improve the carrying capacity of the container locking device

2. Most important to note about container chassis trailers is the fact that they come in different types and that includes both robust and lightweight options. This is because of the reason that there those that are used in heavyweight applications and the others are used in lightweight operations.

3. The common container trailer chassis is easy to use and affordable. However, you will need auxiliary equipment such as the overhead cranes for loading and unloading the containers from the chassis.



Overall L*W*H: 12400*2500*1550mm

Payload: 60 tons

Axles: 13 tons / 14 tons / 15 tons /16tons / 20 tons ( Fuwa/BPW /CIMC or other Chinese famous brand )

Tire: 12.00R20 / 11.00R20 / 12R22.5 / 385/65R22.5, optional

Landing gear: JOST 

Kingpin: 50(2inch)#or 90(3.5inch)# bolted type

Suspension Mechanical: / airbag / bogie suspension

Brake system: WABCO brake system with dual brake chambers and emergency brake valve

Container lock: 12 pcs 

Accessories: Tool box , spare tire carrier


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