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CIMC Tri Axle Oil Tanker Trailer for Sale In Guinea Conakry


Oil Tanker Trailer is mainly used for the transportation of various oils and chemical liquids in the petrochemical sector, that is, the transportation of various gasoline, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas, liquefied natural gas and other liquid resins. Because of the particularity of the transported material, the material of the tank body of the chemical truck needs to be determined according to the characteristics of the transported product.

CIMC Tri Axle Oil Tanker Trailer for Sale In Guinea ConakryCIMC Tri Axle Oil Tanker Trailer for Sale In Guinea Conakry

Precautions for oil tanker trailer

1. In order to ensure the cleanliness of the oil tanker trailer, the oil tanker trailer and the oil delivery system should be cleaned regularly, and the internal and external joints at both ends of the oil delivery hose should be frequently coated with lubricating oil. The oil tanker trailer is easy and convenient to disassemble and assemble.

2. The use and maintenance of the oil tanker trailer oil pump should be carried out in strict accordance with its operation and maintenance instructions!

3. Before refueling, you must use a power pole to insert into the wet ground, and the grounding tape of the oil tanker trailer should be grounded. Good conduction of static electricity! The oil tanker trailer safety valve and filter net should be checked and cleaned frequently!

4. Oil tanks and piping systems should be cleaned regularly. Oil tanker trailer regularly checks whether the joints of the piping system are well connected and the seal is reliable!

5. Oil tanker trailer should install an electrostatic belt in accordance with the specifications. When static electricity encounters the extremely high concentration of combustible gas remaining in the car, it will explode. The electrostatic belt will frequently rub against the car body, etc., and the space that is prone to static electricity can be effectively removed. Static electricity hazards to ensure that the body is not harmed.

Oil Tanker Truck Trailer ManufacturerOil Tanker Truck Trailer Manufacturer

Installation method of oil tanker trailer:

It can be installed on the metal part of the chassis! It can be used for a period of time. After the bottom part is worn out, you can put down some of the rubber band on it! If possible, the user can install the oil tanker trailer electrostatic grounding alarm oil tanker trailer oil vapor recovery system. During the loading and unloading process of the tanker, fully enclosed gas recovery is realized to limit the emission of oil and gas to the atmosphere.

While the 3 axle oil tanker trailer unloads the oil through the unloading pipeline, the oil and gas in the oil tank of the gas station return to the oil truck through the return pipeline. Tank trucks bring oil and gas back to the oil depot for processing to achieve the purpose of oil and gas recovery.

45000 Liters Oil Tanker Trailer Price Near Me45000 Liters Oil Tanker Trailer Price Near Me

Oil tanker trailer submarine valve uses:

The submarine valve series, also known as the emergency shut-off valve, is installed at the bottom of the tank and can replace the traditional top-loading refueling for bottom-loading refueling, making the operation easier, time-saving, safe and environmentally friendly for the staff. A cut-off groove is designed on the valve body.

In the event of an accident in the tanker, the cut-off groove is disconnected, and the under-vehicle pipeline is cut off from the tank body without affecting the tank body’s sealing, effectively preventing the oil leakage in the tank and ensuring the oil The tank is safe.

Aluminum Oil Tanker Trailer for SaleAluminum Oil Tanker Trailer for Sale

Breathing valve use:

When the breathing valve dumps 700, the sealing ball in the valve dumps to form an effective seal to prevent oil leakage. The purpose of the oil dipstick: It is installed at the preparation port on the manhole cover, and can be equipped with an oil dipstick or a level gauge.

Safety valve use:

It is specially designed for oil tanks, chemical tanks and other tank products. Different opening pressures can be set according to user needs to meet different needs. The main body is made of integral stainless steel precision casting, corrosion, high sealing, suitable for various environments. 45000 Liters Oil Tank trailers and chemical trucks are mainly used to load and unload acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive and dangerous media. The tank body of the chemical liquid transporter has all-plastic tanks and carbon steel-lined plastic tanks.

Tri Axle Bitumen Tanker Trailer for SaleTri Axle Bitumen Tanker Trailer for Sale

According to the different transportation media, carbon steel tanks, stainless steel tanks, manganese steel tanks, aluminum tanks, steel-lined plastic (or rubber) tanks and plastic tanks are commonly used. The tank body is formed using advanced CNC automatic longitudinal welding technology and head arc butt welding technology, as well as integral steel-plastic composite-secondary forming technology. Suitable for transportation of light fuel, heavy oil, caustic soda, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, edible oil, etc.