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CIMC Triaxle Flat Bed Trailer for Sale in Nigeria


What is a triaxle trailer used for?

Triaxle flat bed trailer is designed for the transportation of products such as 20 Ft, 30 Ft, 40ft, 45 ft container, loaded flat reck, open top container. Also known as triaxle trailer. The steel plate clad on the chassis body provides a flat appearance. The raised surface prevents the load being moved. Available from 2 axles to 4 axles. Container corner connection and locks ensure load stabilization. It is also suitable for carrying 20 ft and 40 ft containers. The distance between the axles and the king pin is adapted to the center of gravity. It has a capacity of 40 to 80 tons.


CIMC Triaxle Flat Bed Trailer for Sale in Nigeria

CIMC Triaxle Flat Bed Trailer for Sale in Nigeria


In fact, vehicles are the same as human beings. They also have a lifespan. They also need our careful care. Take triaxle trailer vehicles as an example. They need to do basic inspection and maintenance. This can avoid unnecessary safety hazards and reduce maintenance Cost to achieve the purpose of extending its service life.

Trailer triaxle flat bed inspection:

Let’s start with the basic inspection of the CIMC flat bed trailer. Don’t underestimate the following inspections, which are really related to the safety of vehicles and personnel.

1. Brake system: Whether the brake drum of the brake pipeline system level is damaged, worn or cracked; ensure that the braking is normal and without delay; check whether the brake air circuit and the emergency relay valve are normal before driving in the northern area in winter; Whether the desiccant in the car drying tank is invalid;

2. Axle suspension: 1. Whether there are cracks in the welding seam of the suspension support; 2. The suspension support and tire bolts are not loose; 3. Make sure that the U-bolts of the axle are not loose;

3. Tires: Whether there are cut marks, scratches, bulges, tire tread wear and tire pressure are normal;

4. Rim: Whether there are cracks and deformation;


CIMC Triaxle Flat Bed Trailer for Sale in Nigeria

CIMC Triaxle Flat Bed Trailer for Sale Details


5. Traction pin: whether the wear of the traction pin exceeds the normal value;

6. Supporting device: All parts are intact and can be used in normal lifting and shrinking;

7. Box body and box door: The box body and the flatbed semi-trailer locking device are connected in place without loosening;

8. Wiring harness and air pipe: no cracks, abrasion, air leakage, wiring harness connectors are intact;

9. Lamps and labels: the lamps are intact and clearly visible; the labels are clear without falling off or covering;


CIMC Triaxle Flat Bed Trailer for Sale in Nigeria

CIMC Triaxle Flat Bed Trailer for Sale in Nigeria


In addition to the above aspects, it is also necessary to regularly check whether the fasteners are loose, whether the welds are cracked, and whether the rubber parts are obviously worn and aged.

When doing the above inspection, any abnormality found during the inspection process must be repaired in time. Remember not to let the vehicle drive on the road with illness to avoid safety accidents.