CIMC 40ft Skeletal Semi Trailer for Sale in Tanzania


Why use a container chassis trailer?

The need for a truck chassis that can accommodate high-weight containers without loading and unloading issues prompted this design. If you have such a need, this is the goal you want to pursue.

Moreover, the container chassis trailer provides you with the option of choosing a container with a heavier weight, and also provides you with the option of adjusting for the required maneuverability.

This trailer is simple and robust, and can serve you even in rough terrain. A defining feature of a chassis trailer is that it can transport containers of different sizes, such as 45-foot, 40-foot and 20-foot containers.

A skeletal semi trailer is a trailer whose axle is placed behind the center of gravity of the vehicle (when the vehicle is evenly loaded) and is equipped with a coupling device that can transmit horizontal and vertical forces to the tractor. Semi-trailers are generally 3 axle semi trailers, and their types are divided into 11-meter warehouse semi-trailers, 13-meter warehouse semi trailers, and flatbed trailer. It is a heavy-duty transportation vehicle connected with the semi-trailer head through a tow pin.

CIMC 40ft Skeletal Semi Trailer for Sale in TanzaniaCIMC 40ft Skeletal Semi Trailer for Sale in Tanzania

The main advantages of chassis trailers

This is a cheap and affordable building. Lightweight and strong structure.  It uses less materials, but it carries heavy cargo. It is made of high-strength structural material, making it strong and suitable for its application

There are different types of container trailers. You can choose the function that meets your needs because the functions are the same.

Usually used for container transportation general case.

This is a fixed structure commonly used in container transportation. It is mainly of steel structure and uses overhead cranes to load and unload containers.

It has landing gear to improve stability during loading and unloading operations.

It can be used to load and transport containers of 20 feet, 40 feet and 45 feet. With clearly marked locations, you can easily load the container and move it to the desired destination.

It is easy to use, and most importantly, affordable. However, the need for external accessories may delay operation.

CIMC 40ft Skeletal Semi Trailer for Sale in TanzaniaCIMC 40ft Skeletal Semi Trailer for Sale in Tanzania

Load positioning chassis

The trailer has a long chassis, which is supported to one end by a movable bogie unit or a sliding block with a connected sliding support unit

It has a telescopic roller mechanism on the bogie unit and a beam unit pushed against the trailer chassis. This makes it easy to place the unit in a suitable position along the skeletal semi trailer chassis

It also has a releasable coupling between the pillow and the slider to allow the pillow to travel along the chassis through the slider

A protocol for moving the container from a first position centered on the rack and a second position flush with the back of the rack is defined.

In the recommended embodiment, the front chassis portion is lifted relative to the rear. In this way, the bolster slides along a surface lower than the front area

When the bolster returns to its rearmost position, the chassis can make room for a larger container.

CIMC 40ft Skeletal Semi Trailer for Sale in TanzaniaCIMC 40ft Skeletal Semi Trailer for Sale in Tanzania

Expansion case

The function is similar to the load positioning chassis, but it can be extended from the rear, so the trailer is shorter than normal models.

Conventional container chassis models can be adjusted to handle containers of different sizes. You can also adjust the wheel position of this type of trailer to comply with legal requirements.

The basic requirement for most trailers using container chassis is that the length of the chassis should be greater than the length of the container or load.

The main advantage of this structure is that the sealed container can be transported from one state to another. When crossing borders, you do not need to unpack and reload the container trailer.

The load must be in the center of the floor or bed to keep the trailer balanced. It is easier to load containers that take up almost the entire length of the floor or bed.

Longer chassis trailers can also cause unnecessary traffic congestion in the city. Although these trailers face many challenges, these vehicles still provide unique solutions for companies handling different types of loads.