CIMC Tri Axle 35ton Powder Tanker Trailer for Sale in Sudan


What is powder tanker trailer

Powder tanker trailer is a type of trailer equipped with a bulk tanker to storage cement powder and other dry powder materials like fly ash, lime powder, mineral powder particles smaller than 0.1mm in diameter.

The tri axle powder tanker trailer’s operation is convenient, one operator can finish the whole operation process.

CIMC Tri Axle 35ton Powder Tanker Trailer for Sale in SudanCIMC Tri Axle 35ton Powder Tanker Trailer for Sale in Sudan

Features of tri axle powder tanker trailers:

Tri axle powder tanker trailer has higher efficiency in transport than bagged cement; Save bag material; Loss of cement is lower than 0.5%; Keep high quality of cement powder in long period; Carbon dioxide shielded welding for tank; Fluidized bed designed in two or three storage rooms; Shot blasting for tank and parts; Fast uploading for cement and powder particles; Y shape fluidized bed increase volume and lower COG(center of gravity); Mechanical suspension with leaf springs; WABCO emergency brake system

Main structure

The tri axle powder tanker trailer adopts a strong steel structure. The main constituent parts are tank, pipeline, chassis frame, support device, mechanical suspension system and other related accessories.

Cement tank

The tank’s main components are vessel, inlet, outlet pipe, cleaning port, air intake pipe and other accessories.

The tank body is a double-cone tilting structure, which lowers the center of gravity of the tank and improves the structural stability of the tank trailer

Tank body

Normally the tank body is rolled from 5mm thickness high-quality steel plates, and both ends are welded with 6mm thick standard oval heads.

Special design

This type of tank design has high strength, good rigidity, pressure bearing and performance ability. The tank body is two chambers in one vessel structure.

Tank layout

The special layout is reasonable, can effectively shorten the loading and unloading time, and improve the volume utilization rate of the tank body. It can also reduce the residue rate.

Top of the tank

There are two inlet-ports at the top of the tank body. On the one hand, we can open the manhole cover to speed up the loading of material into the tank. On the other hand, it is convenient for operator to enter and exit when the tank needs an overhaul.

Bottom of the tank

Under the tank, there is an outlet that enable the operator to remove the residual cement in the tank easily.

CIMC Tri Axle 35ton Powder Tanker Trailer for Sale in SudanCIMC Tri Axle 35ton Powder Tanker Trailer for Sale in Sudan

Main technical features:

1. This model has a large load capacity and is widely applicable.  

2. The cimc 35ton powder tanker trailer tank body is made of 5mm high-quality steel plate of Wuhan Iron and Steel, and the head is made of 6mm steel plate by one-time die-casting. The appearance of the tank body is cylindrical, the head is hemispherical, and the protruding part of the head is nearly 300mm, which improves the pressure resistance of the car . This design can effectively avoid the occurrence of tank deformation.  

3. The air compressor adopts the dedicated vehicle-mounted air compressor produced by the domestic first-class automobile parts company. The non-lubricated swing air compressor is an ideal air unloading power specially designed for bulk cement (powder material) trucks/cimc 35ton powder tanker trailer. Compared with other structural air compressors, it is small in size, light in weight, and has matching speeds, and is easy to install on the truck. ; It has a large displacement, and the exhaust gas is oil-free; it is more adaptable to dusty environments and field environments, has a certain working reliability, and is basically maintenance-free; maintenance costs are also low, so the current domestic bulk cement (powder material). The unloading power of the cimc 35ton powder tanker trailer vehicle is almost entirely set as an unlubricated swing air compressor.  

CIMC Tri Axle 35ton Powder Tanker Trailer for Sale in SudanCIMC Tri Axle 35ton Powder Tanker Trailer for Sale in Sudan

4. All tank body welding adopts fully computer-controlled machines to automatically weld one-time forming welding, with reliable welding quality and beautiful appearance.  

5. The internal fluidized bed of the tank adopts the "W" or "WV" type double (three) warehouse design, the internal trough angle is large, which increases the effective volume of the tank, and at the same time greatly improves the ash speed and reduces the residual ash rate.  

6. The cimc 35ton powder tanker trailer tank body and metal accessories of this type of car have been shot blasted. The sprayed polymer contains Zi primer and high-quality topcoat. It has strong adhesion, good corrosion resistance, uniform paint film, bright and long-lasting color, and can withstand dampness and humidity. In adverse environments such as dust and salt spray, there will be no cracking, peeling, fading and other problems during the use period, which not only improves the aesthetics of the product, but also effectively prevents rust.

CIMC Tri Axle 35ton Powder Tanker Trailer for Sale in SudanCIMC Tri Axle 35ton Powder Tanker Trailer for Sale in Sudan

The tri axle powder tanker trailer vehicle uses its own engine power to drive the vehicle-mounted air compressor through the power take-off, and sends the compressed air through the pipeline into the air chamber at the lower part of the sealed tank, so that the cement on the fluidized bed is suspended into a fluid state. When the pressure in the tank reaches the rated value, the discharge butterfly valve is opened, and the fluidized cement flows through the pipeline for transportation. Made with domestic advanced technology, novel design, strong and durable. The air bag type has a large carrying capacity, a fast discharge speed and a small residual amount. The integrated tank has the characteristics of high overall strength, good rigidity, good pressure bearing, and good performance. Bulk cement tanker is a cimc 35ton powder tanker trailer with a tank-type cimc 35ton powder tanker trailer and a tank-type structure. Mainly used to transport liquids, bulk materials and bulk cement.

The tank body is manufactured by three-dimensional design and advanced processing technology. The chassis adopts special chassis from various manufacturers, with advanced technology and reliable performance. It is suitable for the transportation and air pressure unloading of dry materials such as fly ash, cement, lime powder and ore powder with a particle diameter of not more than 0.1mm. When the vertical height of the unloading reaches 15m, the horizontal conveying distance can reach 5m.