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The maintaince of semi trailer


The use's guide of semi trailer

1. Before put the semi trailer into application , please do the necessary inspection task according to the instruction and tighten the screws .

2. Lubricate all parts according to the lubrication diagram .


adjust the balance beam.jpg

Adjust the balance degree between balance beam and the spring leaf .

adjust the balance arm.jpg

Adjust the braking arm .

4.Within the first mileage of 300km , it's better to just carry the goods which is just equal to the 80% of the semi trailer's related payload . It's aim to make the semi trailer has a good adaptive phase before full loaded .

5. After a mileage of 30-50km , the driver should check whether there's any abnormal phenomena of fever or noise on hubs and suspension bearing . If the abnormal phenomena is founded , the driver should drive the semi trailer to a repair store to find the etiology and deal with it soon .

6. After a mileage of 300-500 km , all the screw and bolts should be tightened .

7. After a mileage of 2000km , may the tire need to be replaced .

semi trailer repair.jpg

8. Adjust the wheelbase according to the diagrammatic sketch on the trailer body .

semi trailer.jpg

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