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How to choose the brake sub pump


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The brake performance is absolutely can not be ignored, had heard the old driver said: "if you want to learn how to drive, should first learn how to brake", especially for the heavy trailer, the braking system is a very complex whole, any one aspect of the problem is likely to pose a threat to traffic safety. The brake pump is one of the most important components in the whole link, and its performance is directly related to the braking force of the whole vehicle.

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In the assembly of the maintenance master said that the brake pump is a vulnerable part, the structure of the principle is very simple. According to his experience in maintenance, the push rod and leather bowl inside the brake sub pump are often damaged easily, especially the cottage products. The result is the brake time division pump leak and the brake is not good.

In addition, the poor quality of the Shanzhai brake pump, the installation of the top of the screw is also very easy to damage the part, the quality is not passed.


The importance of the air chamber pump in the whole braking system is self-evident. If the maintenance master uses inferior products, it will not only increase the cost of later maintenance, but also affect the coordination of the main vehicle's braking and cause the potential safety hazard.


At this stage, a lot of trailer manufacturers in the market do not perfect in braking system. The brake sub pump is also mixed up. If there is a problem in use, it will cause great burden for later maintenance. So, everyone in the selection of the brake chamber must be cautious, try to choose famous brand products.

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