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CIMC Hydraulic Tipper Trailer for Sale - What is a dump truck considered?


CIMC Tipper Semi Trailer is also called dump trucks, dumper trailer, side tipper, tip trailer, scrap dump trailer. CIMC Hydraulic Tipper Trailer can be customized from 15 tons to 80 tons, 80 tons to 120 tons,  120 tons-180 tons of different tonnage according to the different cargoes. 

In civil engineering, it often works in conjunction with excavators, loaders, belt conveyors and other construction machinery. The dump trailer carriage adopts rear-dump and side -dump self-unloading methods, which improves the efficiency of the bulk cargo transport by the loader. The semi truck trailer tipper carriage is inclined at a certain angle, so that the cargo in the carriage is unloaded. The power of the dump truck trailer engine is used to complete the dumping mechanism.

CIMC Hydraulic Tipper Trailer for Sale - What is a dump truck considered?CIMC Hydraulic Tipper Trailer for Sale

Is there a difference between the motor oil used in winter and summer? This problem has always plagued many dump trailer owners. Some people say that it is different, while others say that there is no difference. Now summer is coming soon, should dump truck owners change their oil? Today we will talk to you about the topic of oil use in winter and summer!

What is a dump truck considered?

The rear tipper semi-trailer train is mainly composed of a tractor and a semi-trailer. The tractor is connected by a saddle and a semi-trailer to form a semi-trailer train. The rear dump trailer hydraulic lift system is mainly composed of power take-off (transmission), hydraulic pump, lift valve, pneumatic control valve, limit valve, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic oil tank, high (low) pressure oil pipe and so on.

Rear trailer hydraulic lifting principle: Operate the tractor tipper trailer transmission power take-off device to drive the hydraulic pump.The hydraulic pump sucks the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic oil tank through the low-pressure oil inlet pipe and generates high-pressure oil for output.

The high-pressure oil output by the gear pump enters the poppet valve through the high-pressure oil pipe.

The lift valve sends high pressure oil to the oil cylinder or discharges it into the hydraulic oil tank under the control of the air control valve, thereby achieving the functions of lifting, stopping and lowering the hydraulic oil cylinder.

CIMC Hydraulic Tipper Trailer for Sale - What is a dump truck considered?CIMC dump truck trailer

What is the effect of temperature on engine oil?

To understand whether the engine oil should be changed in winter and summer, we must first find out what kind of effect temperature has on engine oil, because the biggest difference between the two seasons is temperature. Many people know that the main function of engine oil is to lubricate, seal the cylinder and cool down the engine parts. But not many people know that another important characteristic of engine oil is its kinematic viscosity.

When the kinematic viscosity of the CIMC tipper semi trailer engine oil is too small, the oxidation resistance of the engine oil will become weaker, which makes it more prone to deterioration. If the viscosity of the engine oil is too high, its fluidity will deteriorate, resulting in increased engine load. Therefore, the viscosity of the oil will directly affect the working state of the engine. The viscosity of engine oil will be affected by temperature, so there is a certain difference in the use of engine oil in winter and summer.

Different types of CIMC Hydraulic Tipper Trailer for SaleDifferent types of CIMC Hydraulic Tipper Trailer for Sale

The difference between the use of oil in winter and summer

According to the characteristics of engine oil, when the temperature is low, its kinematic viscosity will increase, which may cause difficulty in starting the vehicle or increase in fuel consumption. When the temperature is high, the kinematic viscosity of the oil will decrease, resulting in a decrease in the life of the oil. Therefore, the kinematic viscosity of the oil used in winter should generally be lower, that is, it looks thinner as we usually say. As for the engine oil used in summer, you need to choose a higher kinematic viscosity, and the engine oil looks thicker.

The specific identification method can be selected and judged according to the label on the oil bottle. When the label on the bottle is only 0W or 5W, it means that this is winter motor oil, and its limit applicable ambient temperature is -35°C or -30°C. The larger the number in front of W, the worse the low-temperature fluidity. In addition, if there is only 30 or 40 on the bottle, it means that the limit of summer oil is 30°C or 40°C. The larger the number, the greater the kinematic viscosity of the oil at 100°C.

Details of CIMC Hydraulic Tipper Trailer for SaleDetails of CIMC semi tipper trailer

Although there are differences in the use of oil in winter and summer, in fact, CIMC Hydraulic Tipper Trailer owners do not need to be so troublesome to use oil. Because winter and summer general-purpose motor oil has become the mainstream of the market, the label form of this motor oil is "5W-40" or "0W-40", which means that the operating temperature of the oil is between -30°C and 40°C , Enough to be used in most areas of our country. Therefore, as long as the hydraulic Tipper Trailer owner chooses the general-purpose oil to be used, he does not need to consider the problem of changing the oil during the winter and summer!


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