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CIMC 3 Axle 40ft Curtain Side Trailer for Sale


A curtain side trailer is basically a flatbed with an upper structure mounted to the flatbed as a tarping system.

There are two types of curtainside trailers, the Conestoga and the Tautliner.  Both trailers are of the flatbed variety and both are covered with a tarp system or curtain which can easily be moved out of the way, thereby providing ready access to the trailer for loading cargo.  The advantages and disadvantages are discussed below.

curtain side trailerCIMC Curtain Side Trailer for Sale

Curtain side trailer combines the advantages of a flatbed with the covering and containment benefits of an enclosed trailer. Consisting of durable yet flexible PVC-coated vinyl side curtains which can be retracted from either the front or rear of the trailer, and van-style swinging rear doors, a curtain side totally encloses the load for weatherproof protection and security. 

Curtain side trailers are widely used for the hauling of goods from expensive automobiles to raw lumber, to delicate manufacturing components.Curtain Side Trailer for Sale - Used and New Curtainsider Trailer

3 Axle Curtainsider Trailer

Benefits of the curtain side trailer include:

Speedy load and unload. Once the curtains are pulled back, the curtain side trailer can be accessed from both sides as well as the rear door by multiple forklifts simultaneously. Drivers are in and out and back on the road quickly.

Simplified partial deliveries. The limitations of “first on/last off” loading are a thing of the past. Independent access to all parts of a load at any point along a route means multiple drop loads are easily doable from a single trailer.

No tarp required. While federal regulations require cargo inside curtain side trailer to be tied down, most loads can be quickly and conveniently secured with straps. Drivers devote time to driving, not struggling with a tarp, and experience a safer work environment as well.

Curtain Side Trailer for Sale - Used and New Curtainsider TrailerDetails of CIMC curtainsider trailer for sale

Different Types of Van trailer

Box trailer comes in different types. Each of the different designs is made to serve a specific function.  You can choose among these different types based on your need. Here are some of the livestock trailer you will find out there in the market. According to the shape, we can be divided into fence semi trailer, van trailer.

Fence semi trailer

The fence type is a cheap and light construction compared to other livestock trailers that you will ever come across out there in the market. It is designed and built in such a way that it is easy to clean, which is a very important aspect to consider during your purchase. 

This type of fences trailer is the most commonly sold model and exported to Sudan, Nigeria, Zambia, Senegal, etc.

the loading capacity of the fences trailer is larger. Due to its breathability, the range of the cargo that can be pulled is also wider than that of the van trailer. It is also more convenient in loading and unloading than the van trailer.

At present, the most common bulk cargo trailer in daily life is the fences trailer that pulls vegetables. because of the good air permeability of the fence semi trailer, if it is a sealed environment, in the summer, the cargo is easily damaged.

Curtain Side Trailer for Sale - Used and New Curtainsider TrailerCIMC stake fence trailer

Van semi trailer

The Van type is designed and made in a way that keeps the cabin temperature stable. This is the type of livestock trailer that you need when transporting animals that need close care and attention especially on the ambient conditions off transportation.

It helps in keeping the animals healthy and free from any illness. This is the type of livestock trailer to use if you are dealing with and transporting for high-profit animals.

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