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60 Ton Low Bed semi trailer for Sale in Zimbabwe


When loading mechanical equipment on a Low Bed Semi Trailer, the mechanical equipment is usually loaded from the rear of the 60 ton low bed semi trailer, that is, the mechanical equipment is moved from the rear wheel frame or the wheels are removed, and then the mechanical equipment is fixed on the low loader trailer on.

Low Bed Semi Trailer has a wide range of cargo, suitable for the transportation of various mechanical equipment, large objects, road construction equipment, large tanks, power station equipment and various steel materials.

60 Ton Low Bed Semi Trailer for Sale in Zimbabwe

CIMC 60 Ton Low Bed Semi Trailer for Sale in Zimbabwe

Features of CIMC low bed semi trailer:

1. Advanced Technology: Major parts and components of the 60 Ton Low Bed Semi Trailer for Sale are processed by advanced equipments. Longitudinal beams are finished by automatic tracking submerged arc welding machine; all the sub-assemblies are shot-blasted to improve paint adhesiveness and are painted before assembling.

2. Chassis: To ensure optimal structure for cargo handling and larger payload, the chassis is manufactured as a space frame structure of high-strength steel, 16Mn steel welded longitudinal beam and integrated cross member.

3. Suspension: High strength and impact resistance new type suspension is adopted with patented rod connecting design. It guarantees performance in rough road condition and longer service life.

4. Hot-Rolled Structural Steel welded 16Mn steel longitudinal beam and cross member are assembled and welded for chassis assembly. The finished chassis offers bending and deforming resistance with proper rigidity and strength.

60 Ton Low Bed Semi Trailer for Sale in ZimbabweCIMC low bed semi trailer

How does a low bed trailer work?

1. CIMC semi lowbed trailer has flatbed, concave beam and tire exposed structures, and the longitudinal beams are straight or gooseneck. The frame is stepped, and the cross section of the longitudinal beam is I-shaped, which has the characteristics of high rigidity and high strength. 

2. CIMC lowbed semi trailer adopts three-axis balanced, two-axis balanced or rigid suspension, with mass balance blocks installed between the front and rear leaf springs, which can change the deflection of the front and rear leaf springs by the same amount and balance the forces on the front and rear axles; 120T Low bed trailers are designed to transport the heaviest and bulkiest loads. The most common applications of low bed trailers include transporting heavy vehicles, rail vehicles, construction beams, windmill components and heavy machinery. The main advantages of 60 Ton Low Bed Semi Trailer for Sale include high stability, safety, versatility, and ability to transport tall equipment. 

60 Ton Low Bed Semi Trailer for Sale in Zimbabwe

Details of CIMC low bed semi trailer

3. The main plane of the frame and cargo platform is low, which ensures the stability of transportation, and is suitable for carrying all kinds of construction machinery, large equipment and steel. The number of beams, axle lines, and dimensions of the trailer vary across brands. 

Before ordering a low bed trailer, it is important to consider the cargo weight and dimensions, price, maintenance costs, future business needs, and the loading process.

The load of the CIMC low bed trailer is fully borne by itself, and it is connected with the locomotive only by hooks. The locomotive only provides power to help the low bed truck trailer overcome the frictional resistance of the road. It can stand upright on its own tires. Generally around 6.5 meters.

 4. Trailers are divided into semi-trailers and full-trailers. The semi-trailer axle is placed behind the center of gravity of the vehicle (when the vehicle is evenly loaded) and is equipped with a coupling device that can transmit horizontal or vertical force to the tractor. The front part of the carriage rests on the pallet of the tractor. 60 Ton Low Bed Semi Trailer for Sale are generally under 13 meters. 


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