CIMC 42CBM Stainless Steel Tanker Semi Trailer for Sale In Ghana


The Working Principle and Maintenance of Outriggers

Stainless steel tanker trailer support device, commonly known as-outrigger. Using the principle of "standing wood jack", it is located at the front end of the tanker trailer frame for use after the tanker semi trailer is separated from the tractor. The outriggers are generally composed of two left and right outriggers, which are mechanically operated with two-speed single-action and linkage by hand.

But now there is also an electric motor device installed on the original outrigger and it can be used as an electric motor. The main components of the outrigger are a two-speed gearbox, support sleeve, support rod, drive screw (rocker) and the support plate. The structure is very simple and the function is very important.

1. Explanation of outrigger double speed:

There are two speeds for rocking the outriggers, which are suitable for no-load and heavy-load. The first gear is slow, which is to pull the rocker out and shake, which is suitable for heavy loads. The other speed is to push the locking lever into the gear of the gearbox. The faster the rocking speed is suitable for retracting the outriggers or when it is empty.

CIMC 42CBM Stainless Steel Tanker Semi Trailer for Sale In Ghana

2. Matters needing attention when operating outriggers:

You can use fast gear or slow gear when there is no load. However, it is strictly forbidden to use fast gear during heavy loads. When leaving the tractor, pay attention to whether the ground is level or not. If necessary, the support plate should be padded with skids to ensure that the support surface is basically consistent.

When the outrigger is retracted, the rocker must be retracted to its original position. To prevent the outriggers from being damaged when walking.

3. Maintenance items:

Check the tightness of the outrigger boats from time to time to prevent loosening and loss of support. After one year of use or 30,000 kilometers, lithium-based grease should be added to ensure the normal use of gear components.

The basic accessories of any tri axle stainless steel tanker trailer have simple legs. In addition, the outriggers need to be cared for and maintained. Diligent maintenance of the outriggers will also make the Stainless Steel Tanker Trailer run more smoothly, ensuring the safety of the cargo and the trailer when loading and unloading the tractor.

CIMC 42CBM Stainless Steel Tanker Semi Trailer for Sale In Ghana

What are the Functions of the Stainless steel tanker Air Reservoir?

1. Energy storage

There are many places where the air is used on trucks, ranging from horns to large brakes. If there is no air reservoir, the amount of air pumped by the air compressor is far from enough. At this time, it is necessary to store the air pumped by the air compressor in the air storage cylinder and wait for it to be used at critical moments. Just like the mountain stream, it is not enough to drive the generator set, and it is a truth that it can only be promoted after the accumulation of the reservoir.

2. Filter

We all know that the air contains a lot of dust and water molecules, as well as the oil pumped in due to the failure of the air compressor. If it enters the air path of the Stainless steel tanker, it will easily damage the stainless steel tanker trailer for sale parts and cause certain driving safety. Hidden dangers. The air pumped in by the air compressor will stay in the air tank for a short time. Because the relative weight of water molecules, dust and oil in the air is heavier than that of air, it will fall to the lower part of the air tank, and the air tank will rise again. To the role of filtering.

CIMC 42CBM Stainless Steel Tanker Semi Trailer for Sale In Ghana

3. Voltage stabilization

The design of single pipeline air inlet and outlet, the effect of voltage stabilization is not as good as one inlet and one outlet

When the air is pumped into the vehicle through the air compressor, the compressed air flowing into the stainless steel tanker is extremely unstable due to the up and down movement of the piston of the air compressor. The air storage cylinder is like a reservoir. First, the unstable air flowing in is allowed to stop, and then the stabilized compressed air flows out through the outlet.

4. Cooldown

The outside air is sucked into the air compressor and compressed, and the volume becomes smaller and a certain temperature is generated at the same time. The relative density becomes smaller when the temperature is higher, making the volume of stored airless; the moisture carried in the air is not easy to precipitate because of the temperature. Therefore, the air entering the 42000 liters stainless steel tanker must be cooled first. And this cooling process is realized in two parts, one is the spiral tube, and the other is the air reservoir.

CIMC 42CBM Stainless Steel Tanker Semi Trailer for Sale In Ghana