chemical transport tanker trailer

chemical transport tanker trailer
Product Name : chemical transport tanker trailer
Material : sodium hydroxide
density:g/ml : 1.0~1.3
Capacity:m3 : 19.5~32.5
Weight:Ton : 19.5~42.3
Brand : CIMC Chemical transport tanker trailer

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CIMC vehicles group was founded in 1987. Main products is CIMC ,CIMC Trailers, CIMC Semi Trailer, cimc trailer manufacturer, cimc vehicles , cimc cement trailer , cimc vehicles , cimc vehicle .CIMC semi tankers trailer mainly for fuel oil transportation ,Flammable liquid transportation ,Chemical liquid,Corrosiveness,Lubricating oil tank transportation, oxidizing goods

Chemical transport tanker trailer :sodium hydroxide tanker trailer 


Material concentration:% density:g/ml Capacity:m3 Weight:Ton
sodium hydroxide -------------------       1.0~1.3 19.5~32.5 19.5~42.3


Oil tanker trailer

Oil tanker trailer


1, The tank adopts 6 mm thick quality steel plate according to the national standard.


2. The advanced butt welding technology is used in the tank, and the test of high pressure gas leakage after the forming of the tank makes the tank have the characteristics of high strength, stable center of gravity and safe and stable vehicle carrying.


3, The tank and metal accessories have been shot peening, spraying polymer with primer and quality finish, strong adhesion, good corrosion resistance, uniform paint film, bright and lasting color, can withstand wet, dust, salt fog and other adverse environment, in the 5 year period of use will not occur cracking, peeling, fading and other problems, not only improve the beauty of the product It is also effective to prevent corrosion.


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