40 cubic u-trailers

 40 cubic u-trailers
Product Name : 40 cubic u-trailers
capacity : 40 cubic u-trailers
Model : U -model
axle : 3 axle fuwa axle
Hydraulic system : HYVA cylinder
Tipping Manner : Rear tipping

CIMC 40 cubic u-trailers  rear dumping semi trailer

Dump semi trailers are suitable for the transportation of bulk scattered goods such as coal, ore and building materials.


Dump semi-trailers can be divided into two categories according to their uses: one is heavy-duty and heavy-duty dump trailers for off-highway transportation, which mainly undertake large-scale mining, engineering and other transport tasks, usually used with excavators. 


Another kind of light, medium and medium-sized ordinary self-unloading trailers used in highway transportation mainly undertake the transportation of loose goods such as sand, clay, coal and so on, usually used in conjunction with loaders. CIMC company can supply U-trailers for lightweight cargo ,please see the pictures as below .


 40 cubic u-trailers


 40 cubic u-trailers


 40 cubic u-trailers





40 cubic u-trailers 

Model U -model
Axle   6 axle ,fuwa axle
Hydraulic system HYVA cylinder 
Suspension Mechanical suspension 
Tipping Manner Rear tipping
King pin 3.5' bolt- in king pin 90
Landing gear Jost
Braking system WABCO 
Tire 12.R22.5*12


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