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CIMC Interlink flat deck trailer for sale
CIMC Interlink flat deck trailer for sale

CIMC Interlink flat deck trailer for sale

Type: CIMC Interlink flat deck trailer for sale

Application: to carry 2*20ft container chassis

Axle: 4 *13 tons axles 

Loading capacity: 60 tons

CIMC Superlink trailer for sale description

CIMC production the Superlink trailer for sale is mainly used to transport the container, the 20 foot interlink trailer can carry one 20 ft container, used for docks, harbors and other place. The steel structure of the frame adopts high-strength and high-quality steel and has a long service life. The Superlink trailer for sale accessories all adopt domestic and aboard famous brand, this makes the product increase long service life.


Our trailer main beam used high-strength steel---Q345. Q345 steel's strength is 1.6 times that of ordinary steel frame, and the main beam adopts equal section design to achieve the best bearing effect. CIMC can provide for customers 20 foot interlink trailer, Superlink trailer for sale, and you can tell us if you want other model interlink trailers. And we can according to the customer requirements to produce.

Interlink flat deck trailer for sale



Overall L*W*H: 7000*2490*1550mm

Load weight: 40 tons 50 tons

Axles: 2x13 tons / 14 tons / 15 tons /16tons / 20 tons

Tire: 12R22.5

Landing gear: JOST 

Kingpin: 50(2inch)#or 90(3.5inch)# bolted type

Suspension: Airbag / Mechanical / bogie suspenion

Brake system: Wabco

Electric system: 24V / 12V + LED lights

Container locks: 12 pcs

Accessory: spare tire carrie + tool box

Remark: we can supply different specification for different road condition


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