40 feet semi flat bed trailers for sale

40 ft shipping container trailer
Product Name : 40 feet semi flat bed trailers for sale
Trailer type : semi trailer
flat bed trailer : 2 axles 40 feet flat bed trailer
Load weight : 40 tons
Axles : 2 *16 tons
Application : carry 2*20 ft ISO containers or 1*40 ft container or bulk cargo

40 feet semi flat bed trailers for sale

Flat bed trailer is another commonly used type of equipment in the transportation industry. Flatbed trailers are used to deliver products like pipe, steel, lumber, heavy equipment , and

any other item that would be difficult to load into the back of a trailer. 

Tendem axle ( with suspension and wheels ) work in sync according to the road conditions

to share the loads and thus prevents a single pair of wheels to take the whole amount of the loads .

flat bed trailer performance test

tandem axle bogie suspension



1> The trailer chassis automatic submerged arc welding to ensure the welding seal solid .

2> The floor is covered with corrugated sheet metal
3> Good brake effects. Axles are equipped with WABCO emergency brake valve also dual-

brake chambers also widen brake pads.



 Overall L*W*H

 12,500*2,500*1,560 mm
Wheelbase7,525+9,80 mm
MassKerb weight7.8 tons
Payload40 tons




13 tons / 14 tons / 15 tons /16tons / 20 tons ( Fuwa/BPW /

L1/JL or other Chinese famous brand )


12.00R20 / 11.00R20 / 12R22.5 / 385/65R22.5 ( triangle , aplus ,double coin brand)

 Landing gear

 JOST orequivalent with a lift capacity 28 tons


 50(2inch)#or 90(3.5inch)# bolted type


 Mechanic / airbag / bogie suspension
Electrical system24V /12V
Brake system

WABCO brake system with dual brake charmbers and emergncy brake valve

AccessoriesTool box , spare tire carriers

Remark : we can supply different specification for different road condition

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