Four axle edible oil tanker trailers

Four axle edible oil tanker trailers
Product Name : Four axle edible oil tanker trailers
Shape : Round or Square (optional)
The tank body material : 5 mm
The Fore side and back side head : 6 mm
Axle : 4 axle FUWA axle
Compartments : Single (optional)

                                Four axle edible oil tanker trailers | CIMC TRAILERS

CIMC manufactures high quality fuel tanker trailers normally for diesel fuel, petrol, crude oil, edible oil, palm oil and liquid bitumen. widely used in various transportation units, gas stations and other logistic industries.

The fuel tanker is fully mechanically rolled controlled by computer and welded by mechanical welding.

The tank is shaped by one-time: with the latest advanced tank rolling machine,that can guarantee tank stable quality, but also eliminate the stress concentration, avoid the deformation, leakage and cracking of tank body.This welding can also prolong the service life of the tank body .the trailer uses for more than 15 years . 

All tanks are tested by high pressure gas leakage test, and the professional inspection and inspection organization issued the "tank inspection report". The tanker has the characteristics of high strength, stable center of gravity, safety and stability of trailer carrying.

Specification- CIMC Crude Oil Fuel Tank Semi Trailer 

BrandCIMC Fuel Tanker Trailer
Dimensions13500(Length) x 2500 mm(Length) x 4000mm(Height)
Tank Body
Tank Capacity60,000 liters 
Tank MaterialQ235B carbon steel
Compartments1 to 7 compartments, based on customer needs
Discharge3” or 4” ball valves 
Discharge Pipes4” rubber hose, 2 units, 6 metre/each
LadderThe tank is equipped with a front or rear ladder to facilitate the arrival to manholes.
Main Beams

Q345B steel fabricated I beams

Landing GearsJost two speed landing gear, driver side crank
Axles4 axles, 13T/16T
SuspensionsMerchanical suspension or air suspension
Brake SystemWABCO

Four axle edible oil tanker trailers



–Tank material: carbon-steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy material.

–Tank volume: 30 cbm to 90 cbm according to your demands.

–Axle: 2 axles to 4 axles.

–Suspension: mechanical spring suspension, air suspension,center point bogie suspension.

–Compartments: 1 compartment to 7 compartments.

–Loading Mode: top loading or bottom loading mode


CIMC VEHICLES carbon steel 60,000 liters petrol tanker oil tank trailer

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