CIMC 50000 liter fuel tanker trailer

CIMC 50000 liter fuel tanker trailer
Product Name : CIMC 50000 liter fuel tanker trailer
Dimensions : 12100*2500*3900mm
Tank Capacity : 50,000 liters diesel tank trailer
Compartments : 1 to 7 compartments, based on customer needs
Main Beams : Q345B steel fabricated I beams.
Axles : ​3 axles, 13T

                              Carbon steel diesel tank water tank trailer 50000 liters

CIMC oil tank semi trailer is used for liquid cargo transportation, such as Gasoline, Diesel oil, Crude oil, Lubricating oil and other liquid cargo.The best quality oil/fuel tank trailer can realize the mechanization of loading, unloading, transportation and storage, which not only saves the labor force, but also saves the packaging materials and the transportation cost.

The volume varies of diesel tank  widely from 10 cube meters to 70 cube meters, we can manufacture it according to your needs.The axles can be Fuwa / BPW with different ton nages by your need with price differences.The suspensions can be Air suspension, mechanic (leaf spring suspension), bogie suspension, etc. The tanker inside can be isolated compartments or single compartment by your needs

Specification- CIMC Crude Oil Fuel Tank Semi Trailer 

BrandCIMC Oil Tanker Trailer
Dimensions12100 mm(Length) x 2500 mm(Length) x3900mm(Height)
Tank Body
Tank Capacity50,000 liters 
Tank Materialcarbon steel
Compartments1 to 7 compartments, based on customer needs
Discharge3” or 4” ball valves 
Discharge Pipes4” rubber hose, 2 units, 6 metre/each
LadderThe tank is equipped with a front or rear ladder to facilitate the arrival to manholes.
Main Beams

Q345B steel fabricated I beams. 

Landing GearsJOST C200
Axles3 axles, 13T
SuspensionsMerchanical suspension 
Brake SystemWABCO

Details of CIMC Oil Tanker Trailer

CIMC Oil Tanker Trailer

                                    50000 liters with 3 by 13tos axel and four company compartment tank trailer

CIMC Oil Tanker Trailer

                                                                    50,000 liters For Palm oil Transportation

CIMC Oil Tanker Trailer

                                                    Oil tanker to carry Diesel for 50,000 litres

CIMC 42000 liters fuel /oil tanker semi trailer

CIMC prepares the most inspection equipment and keeps the inspection as precise as possible, All the semi trailer have passed the tank body's pressure and sealing test before they come to our customer. Hydrostatic test is one of the pressure tests.We should try out all the tank trailer before using , it is a critical step to test the macro strength of the tanker (whether cracks occur, whether it is deformed too much) and checking all sealing point sand the sealing condition of the welding.

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