20ft container side lifter trailer

20ft 40ft side lifting trailer
Product Name : 20ft container side lifter trailer
trailer : 20ft container side lifter trailer
Application : to lift one 20 ft container or flat deck container
Lifting weight : 35 ton - 40 ton
Dimension L*W*H : 8,250*2,500*4.100 mm
Max. working range : 4,000 mm

20ft container side lifter trailer

CIMC 20ft container side lifter trailer increase your capacity to move more containers quickly and safely. The innovative container side loader help improve efficiencies, saving time and increasing productivity.

Our container side loader can also handle up to 40 tonnes of cargo, industrial equipment, special vehicles and specialised containers e.g fuel, portable buildings etc.

20ft container side lifter trailer

40ft container side lifter

  • Main parts are imported from european countries

      Hydraulic pump : Italian CASAPPA
      Hydraulic control valve: Netherlandish  AMCA

      Remote control: German NBB

      Diesel engine : Japanese Kubota

  • Dual- control system_manual or remote control

With diesel engine dynamic system, the container loader can independent lift and un-load the containers without tractor truck.

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