20ft bitumen tanker container

3 axles bitumen tanker trailer
3 axles bitumen tanker trailer
3 axles bitumen tanker trailer
3 axles bitumen tanker trailer
Product Name : 20ft bitumen tanker container
semi trailer : bitumen tanker container
material of tank body : carbon steel material
transportation : bitumen, crude oil transportation
price : negotiation, competitive price
compartment : 1 3 5 compartments as the customer requirements

        20ft bitumen tanker container

CIMC SHANDON WASHIDA bitumen tanker container is used to transport bitumen etc heavy oil materials. Customized service: compartment, manholes, discharge outlet.

Main features of bitumen tanker container

1>Advanced fuel heating system, so that the heavy fuel oil can be discharged without difficulties.

2>Reinforced ladder for cleaning and repairing bitumen tanker container.

3>Light tare weight that provides great payload...better return on investment

4>Installed valve protection box, in order to prevent the leakage of transport medium from causing environment pollution and personal injuries

                    bitumen tanker container01_副本.jpg

20ft tank container

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