100 ton lowboy trailer with sidewall

100 ton Lowboy Trailer for equipment
Product Name : 100 ton lowboy trailer with sidewall
semi trailer : 100 ton lowboy trailer
Axle : 2 axles, 3 axles, 4 axles, 5 axles, multi-axles
Suspension : spring air bogie suspension optional
Dimension : Customized dimension
Payload : 50 tons to 100 tons payload

100 ton lowboy trailer with sidewall 

The 100 ton Lowboy Trailer for equipment is a particularly versatile and extensive low loader system and is suitable for the transport of:

1>Construction machines (excavation and road construction, recycling,...)

2>Forestry machines (harvester, skidder, forwarder,...)

3>Farming machines (tractors, combine harvesters,...)

4>Wind power plants (tower segments, generators, rotor or turbine blades)

5>Structural elements (steel and concrete elements)

6>Industrial parts (transformers, crane-loaded goods,...)

7>Lifting vehicles (lifting platforms, fork-lift trucks,...)

8>Crane systems (cranes, crane weights, crane components)

9>Conveying and crushing systems (demolition and recycling industry)

10>Track-guided vehicles (trams, locomotives, wagons)

11>Bulky goods, long materials and heavy loads

We can make hard road to be easy. Please free to contact me anytime when you need the 100ton lowboy trailer for your equipment transportation. 

The details of 100ton lowboy trailer:

low bed trailer with side wall01.png

low bed trailer with side wall02.jpg

4 axles l00ton lowboy trailer with side wall

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