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Why is the tire self burning?


This summer has come so fast that it hasn't felt the warmth of spring. Of course, not only is the person, and 

tire .


Recently, when a van trailer had just entered a toll gate passage,The toll collector suddenly noticed that the 

front tire of the semi trailer was red and it's already started to smoking.The driver quickly pulled the trailer 

aside and found a bucket of water to prepare for the fire.but when the water is poured up, the tire gets hotter 

and smoother, and immediately the smoke billows.It was not until the firefighters arrived at the scene that they 

put out the fire.


Why do tires smoking? The answer is that in the high temperature in summer, the semitrailer is running at high 

speed for a long time, and the emergency brake produces friction. large quantities of temperature is transferred 

from the bead toe to the tire. Once the temperature reaches the ignition point, it will cause the self ignition 

of the tire.


Of course, not only smoke, spontaneous combustion and other phenomena, many phenomenon of blowout is related to this problem.Many drivers found tire shops because of this problem .The shop owner told the drivers: "this kind of bead toe is a matter of use, not quality problem of tyre ."


Burning bead toe,the main reason is overloading. Generally, the bead toe cloth is burnt, blackened, hardened, 

exposed and deformed.At present, the phenomenon of overload is repeated, especially heavy trucks trailer. 

Overloading is more serious.

So the owner of the driver if found to burn bead toe phenomenon, do not blindly go to the tire store compensation, because of the damage, even "three packages" of tires, the store is not compensable. "

In the course of summer travel, do not overload, do not overtake the emergency brake, the safety of the driver 

depends on the maintenance and care of the tire, avoid too much brake car, prevent high temperature flash brake, so as not to cause unnecessary harm.