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The reason for the rising price of a trailer is so complicated


In addition to the issue of "environmental protection" in recent domestic truck circles, there is a problem of "rising prices of trailers". A lot of trailers have told the price of trailers. The price range of ordinary trailers is 2000 RMB to 4000 RMB, and the price of special trailers for cold chain trailers and powder tankers is up to more than 5000 RMB. The reasons are as follows.


  • The cost of raw materials is increased.

The rise of trailer prices is largely due to the rise in the raw material price of steel, and the cost of personnel has not changed in the near period.

  • Large terminal demand

Affected by the recovery of the domestic environment and economy, the demand for steel for real estate, automobile manufacturers and other traditional steel households has returned to a high level. At a time, the supply of steel is in short supply, which will naturally lead to the rising price of all kinds of steel products.


  • All walks of life face environmental pressure

Not only is the freight industry, but all walks of life feel the pressure of "environmental    protection". Many steel mills have to let environmental equipment run, and the increase in cost is reflected in the price of steel, so the trailer rises.

  • The adjustment of the state's economic structure leads to a rise in the price of energy products

A few years ago, the state realized the serious impact of low end capacity on the economic situation. So we actively adjusted the industrial structure, from coal, ore and other raw materials to steel products, and optimized all aspects of the industrial chain.


The change of trailer price changes in the market, and the reason why the market "change" is the effect of macroeconomic regulation and control and the policy of the state, the operation of all walks of life have to comply with the economic development and national policy.