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Reasons for abnormal wear of semi-trailer tires


Reasons for abnormal wear of semi-trailer tires

The life of the tire is largely related to the structural type of the semi-trailer, the conditions of use, the technical condition of the vehicle, the skill level of the driver, the maintenance of the tire and the timely repair of the tire.

1. The tire pressure deviation from the standard

Inflating without air pressure is one of the most important causes of abnormal tire wear, and many tires are scrapped for this reason.

2, tire pressure is too high

3, tire overload

When the semi-trailer is overloaded or the load is not properly distributed on the cargo compartment, the wear characteristics of the tire when it is overloaded are similar to those of the tire when driving under low air pressure, but the wear is more serious when overloaded.

4. The wheel plane is not perpendicular to the road surface.

If the wheel is not perpendicular to the road surface, the pressure distribution on the ground contact area of ​​the tire will be uneven, and the tire will be in a side-slip state during running, resulting in tire wear.

5, the semi-trailer structure parameter matching is not reasonable

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